CreekTech Launches New Co-Op

Published June 2, 2019

Creek Technologies is launching a new co-op program to enhance workforce development initiatives for our future leaders.

Creek Technologies will be working with students from Urbana University, a branch campus of Franklin University, to implement our unique model which extends education from the classroom into the workplace.

The co-op will provide students with real-world experience in conjunction with education in a business setting. The co-op will run alongside the academic calendar and will begin May 22. Students enrolled in the course will receive 3 credits towards their degree program in addition to compensation as part-time employees of Creek Technologies during the 12-week semester. “We are calling this scholarly initiative ‘the EFFECT’, as our goal is to Enhance the Foundation for Future Employment with Creek Technologies,” states co-op manager Kate Monahan. “As baby boomers are gearing up for retirement there will be a huge gap in government acquisition. We aim to educate the future workforce in order to close the gap,” says Creek Technologies President and CEO Lea Culver.

Franklin Communications Program Chairperson Dr. Brenda Jones visited the CreekTech co-op space in Beavercreek, OH, on May 9. Dr. Jones notes this program is “a three-tiered educational approach that focuses on professional, vocational, and technical knowledge and skills.”

For more information on the co-op, please contact Creek Technologies at 937-490-4660.

Originally published 05/15/2019.