Award Notice: OASIS Contract

Published August 3, 2020

Creek Technologies Company (CreekTech) is proud to announce that it has recently been awarded entry, as a small business prime contractor, into the U.S. Government’s One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) family of Multiple Award, Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (MA-IDIQ) task-order contracts. OASIS provides a common architecture and platform across the Federal Government for the acquisition of complex professional services covering commercial and non-commercial requirements across both classified and non-classified realms.

Earlier this year, CreekTech gained entry, as a subcontractor, to the small-business portions of Pool 3 (Engineering Services under $38.5M Business Size Standard) and Pool 4 (Research & Experimental Development), partnering – respectively – with Cask LLC (San Diego CA) and Azimuth Corp. (Fairborn OH).

As a result of this award, CreekTech now participates in the largest (by funding) Pool 1 – Engineering Services under the $15M Business Size Standard. In Fiscal Year 2019, more than $1.2B was competed in Pool 1’s Small Business segment alone. CreekTech’s award extends through 2024.

CreekTech’s teaming partners in the Pool 1 award are HMR Tech (Arlington VA/Fairborn OH) and PM2 Strategies (Dayton OH).

Given the tremendous success experienced by small business primes operating in Pool 1 during OASIS’s initial period of operation (FY2015-2020), CreekTech anticipates considerable growth over the next few years, improving upon its already steep growth curve of the past half-decade. The company was identified as the Dayton area’s fastest growing defense firm last year (Dayton Business Journal’s “2019 Veteran-Owned Business of the Year”).

CreekTech CEO Lea Culver describes the OASIS business-development opportunity as being “a game changer” that will “challenge our ability to scale-up operations on all fronts.” Excitement over the award, he notes, permeates CreekTech: “We really feel like OASIS will transform the entire company – from top to bottom.”