Opening: Journeyman Program Manager

Beavercreek, OH - Full Time - Posted February 8, 2024


CREEK TECHNOLOGIES is seeking a full-time, on-site Journeyman Program Manager in support of the AFRL/RX Support contract located at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433. The successful candidate will have the following qualifications and will perform the following duties/responsibilities.


  • Support AFRL/RX with program management and systems engineering support. This includes process development, execution, oversight and closeout as well as archiving of data and exploration of lessons learned. Development of documentation shall include program description, status, progress, Joint Program Plan, portfolio reviews, development plans, strategies, and outcomes. Support may also include support for various aspects of policy development, operations, and program execution activities. This support requires writing, editing, and other production work related to program integration and project management functions with emphasis areas to include policy and process capture, program status, and accomplishment capture and publication. Responsibilities also include coordination, collecting, compiling, summarizing and publishing (in various forms) information describing AFRL/RX policies, procedures and programs.
  • Support Systems engineering functions to include evaluation of all traditional program areas such as: flexible adaptation to multiple laboratory customers and requirements; early technology requirement descriptions; rationale for priorities; requirements measures, objectives and thresholds along with descriptions and rationale for each; requirements weights (methodology for weighting requirements); bottom-up and top-down risk assessment using quantified risk metrics.
  • Support the government program managers in formulating and executing effective technology transition and transfer strategies, developing and assisting with implementation of generalized approach to assessing and evaluating product market viability, technology adoption strategies and corresponding intellectual property (IP) management plans. This support requires understanding the assessment of technology maturity and transition or transfer potential via technology readiness level (TRL) and associated assessments.
  • Support the development of program management tools and Operating Instructions (OIs), required for AFRL/RX program management activities. This shall include support of force development improvement initiatives including the development and delivery of program management and system engineering training.
  • Support and apply their knowledge of and experience with materials and manufacturing programs in support of the RX International Program. This includes maintaining familiarization with international materials and manufacturing programs and supporting applicable taskers, collaboration events, managing technical meetings and organizing reports in this area.
  • Support and apply their knowledge of and experience with AF procedures and accounting systems to all tasks, and has responsibility for providing program knowledge, organizational skills, and business analysis on materials and manufacturing programs as they relate to the M&MP COI, Reliance 21 DoD M&MP, program management teams to include exploration of the subject area, definition of scope, applying in-depth and diverse knowledge to problems in an advisory capacity.
  • Administrative support to include scheduling meetings, recording meeting minutes, documenting, assigning and following up Action Items (AIs), and recording meeting minutes. Responsible for monitoring/managing the Chief Engineer PM App to manage requirements to be reported at PMRs.
  • Provide support to the Directorate Technology Council (DTC). Schedule meetings as required (minimal bi-weekly and out of cycle), develop, modify and maintain slides and meeting minutes and take actions / disseminate to the DTC members. Organize and schedule periodic briefers to provide update on individual areas reporting to the Chief Engineer.
  • Schedule, Collect data and notes on Program Summaries & Reviews and draft summary reviews to be archived on SP or uploaded to PM App.
  • Brief periodic updates to Branch Chief, Work Unit Mangers, PM App users, etc on status of builds, status of programs or other timely data.
  • Collect and provide data analytics to direct leaders wrt EP2 and PM app.
  • Manage the Science and Technology IT Collaboration Hub (STITCH) which includes R&D management apps, STITCH AFRL Data Repository (STITCH ADR), PEGA, Tableu, etc.
  • Plan, schedule, and participate in all meetings / discussions pertinent to mission and purpose of Materials and Manufacturing Directorate and the Chief Engineer.


  • Self-starter who is able to work independently
  • Comfortable communicating with Executive Officers and Department Leaders across multiple functions and Organizations
  • Highly proficient in Microsoft Office suite and MS Teams
  • Experience with SharePoint 365 preferred


Bachelor's Degree, Science or Technology concentration preferred


  • Min 3 years of experience
  • Highly proficient in Microsoft Office products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams and Adobe Acrobat.
  • Report editing for format
  • Project Management


Ability to obtain and maintain DOD secret clearance

Salary Range

Commensurate with education and experience

Anticipated Start Date


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