Opening: Cyber and Cyber Warfare Subject Matter Expert, Researcher, and Analyst

Newport, RI - Full Time - Posted April 15, 2020


CREEK TECHNOLOGIES is seeking a full time, on-site Cyber and Cyber Warfare Subject Matter Expert, Researcher, and Analyst located in Newport, RI. The successful candidate will provide subject matter expertise based on senior-level experience in Cyber and Information Operations, including operations involving Computer Network Defense, Computer Network Attack, and the integration of Information Operations and Non-Kinetic Fires in military campaigns. Also performs as a graduate-level educator/trainer in Cyber operations, and supports integration and realistic representation of cyber capabilities in exercises, war games and workshops.


  • Support War Gaming and Research activities. Support the development and execution of NWC research events, including war games, formal lectures, discussions, workshops, or conference proceedings, which integrate material from multiple sources and perspectives into finished products.
  • Provide support to the NWC academic enterprise, including support for curriculum development, curriculum modification, and classroom instruction to assist NWC in its mission to provide students with a better understanding of emerging strategic and operational challenges.
  • Provide support to NWC research programs, including: research and analysis support on subjects of current and future concern to the maritime security community. Support the development of new technical and analytic products, utilizing operational research methodologies.
  • Support Executive Education programs, which are designed to develop senior naval leaders. This effort will provide research and analysis support for the development of leadership curriculum, including advanced classified planning scenarios.
  • Develop studies and present oral and written reports, discussion papers, research papers and articles on specific analytic issues. These efforts may involve development of studies, surveys, content analysis, data collection and analysis for focus groups, seminars and conferences.
  • Assist war gaming planners to refine analysis plans or objectives to aid game design
  • Assist in department annual program planning and prioritization of analysis topics
  • Evaluate proposed projects for feasibility and applicability to relevant military mission areas
  • Identify stakeholders and coordinate review of analysis results to aid investment decisions
  • Participate in or lead working groups with intelligence and operational community members
  • Represent the organization to major stakeholders: Air Staff, MAJCOMs, COCOMs, System Program Offices, Intelligence Community, Test & Evaluation, and/or operational commands


  • Must have operational experience in DOD and/or service operational and/or systems commands conducting CONOPS, doctrine and TTPs with cyber warfare units and systems with expertise across:
    • Computer Network Defense
    • Computer Network Attack
    • Information Operations and Non-Kinetic Fires in military campaigns
  • Must have worked Intelligence Community (IC) to understand threats to US multi-domain kill chains
  • Will have worked in the analytical trade space to understand US capability gaps


Graduate degree in a STEM discipline (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) or Operations Research is highly desired


In absence of education requirement, 10+ years experience in one or more of the following subject areas will suffice:

  • USAF, USN or USA Weapons Systems; Avionics & Operational Employment desired
  • Threat system knowledge (ground, air, and/or space)
  • Understanding of interoperable systems survivability & cyber lethality assessments
  • DoD acquisitions; requirements, planning & systems design
  • DoD Modeling & Simulation Enterprise or Tools


Top Secret

Skills and Abilities

  • Leverage experience in analysis efforts for cyber-related operations
  • Run multidisciplinary analysis studies while working alongside interdisciplinary research team to provide technical input
  • Research and report relevant trends and progress in cyber warfare engaging with service and OSD staffs, program offices, and contractors to ensure adequacy and thoroughness of insights and understanding.
  • Ability to quickly draft technical issue papers, staff summaries, memoranda, and briefings, including translating program technical issues into executive-level terms for senior decision makers and government staff assistants.
  • Ability to prepare and present evaluation/assessment of test results to senior decision makers.
  • Experience with Service and OSD-level operating practices, Joint Staff, Service Component Headquarters, program office relationships and T&E execution organizations; knowledge of the functions and practices of the OSD organization and its responsibility for oversight of major defense acquisition programs.
  • Excellent command and proficiency with the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Must possess or be eligible for and maintain a DOD top secret security clearance.

Salary Range

Commensurate with education and experience

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